MnDOT Bridge 5370
Faribault, Minnesota

MnDOT Bridge 5370 (1937) Faribault, Minnesota

Bridge No. 5370 (MHPR RC-FAC-696) was historically significant as a virtually unaltered example of a monumental, reinforced-concrete, continuous-rib-arch bridge in Minnesota utilizing Art Deco/Classical Revival architectural design. The structure was designed by Sverdrup & Parcel, Consulting Engineers of St. Louis, Missouri and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) under Criterion C for its engineering design, within the historic context of Reinforced-Concrete Highway Bridges in Minnesota, 1900-1945. ARCH3, LLC prepared the MnDOT Bridge 5370 Historic Bridge Management Plan and performed documentation to Level I of the Minnesota Historic Property Record (MHPR) prior to extensive alterations to the bridge’s deck. Additional information about the bridge can be found at MnDOT’s Faribault Viaduct page.

Bridge 5370 West Approach

Bridge 5370 Light Standard

Bridge 5370 Pedestrian Stairway

East Approach Deck Structure - MHPR RC-FAC-696-18 (Please credit Daniel R. Pratt and the Minnesota Historic Property Record)