Henry Ortlip House
Chaska, Minnesota

Henry Ortlip House (1880s) Chaska, Minnesota

The original Henry Ortlip House (MHPR CR-CKT-004) was a modest, 1-½ story Gothic Revival cottage with a kitchen ell. Even after an 1890 addition, the house remained an excellent example of a Chaska Brick farmhouse, and was historically significant for its design and construction method. The farmstead met the National Register eligibility criteria established in Chaska Brick Resources in the Vicinity of Carver County, 1857-1961. Historical and photographic documentation was performed for the Minnesota Historic Property Record (MHPR) and the Minnesota Department of Transportation prior to demolition in November 2005.

Ortlip House Porch Detail - MHPR CR-CKT-004-04 (Please credit Daniel R. Pratt and the Minnesota Historic Property Record)