Sweatt Estate
Wayzata, Minnesota

Sweatt Estate(1930-1941)Wayzata, Minnesota

William Richard Sweatt became chairman of the board of Minneapolis’ Honeywell corporation in 1927. His 500-acre rural estate (MHPR HE-WZC-007) was originally part of H. M. Carpenter’s Locust Hills farm and the last of the great Victorian era landholdings near the village of Wayzata. The estate included a 1930 Neoclassical Revival Style house with multiple additions and accessory cottage dwellings and a Norman Style brick horse barn built between 1930 and 1941. The Sweatt house was historically significant for its association with the themes of lake shore and rural estate development, landscape architecture, and the life of W. R. Sweatt within the architectural and historical context of Wayzata’s Gilded Age (1867-1929). Large format photographic documentation for the Minnesota Historic Property Record (MHPR) was performed for Summit Envirosolutions, Inc.

(Information from Historical and Architectural Resources of Wayzata, Minnesota, Robert C. Vogel & Associates, 2003)

Main House South Elevation HE-WZC-007 (Please credit Daniel R. Pratt and the Minnesota Historic Property Record)